Spirit of Mercy Awards – Term 2

Be as shining lamps giving light to all around you’ – Catherine McAuley

There are many students at Carmel College who are excellent role models for us, as we try to live as Mercy women.  To acknowledge some of the outstanding examples an award is presented in each Term to one junior and one senior student in each House. Students who receive this award have been nominated by their peers and teachers, with final decisions made by the House Dean.

Students receive a very special badge with the symbol of a lamp – representing the light of Mercy they are in our community.

The Spirit of Mercy Award recognises students at Carmel who live out our 5 Core Mercy Values of:

Awhinatanga – SERVICE, Aumihi – RESPECT, Tika – JUSTICE, Manaakitanga – CARE, Aroha – COMPASSION

These values are demonstrated when students:

  • See a need and make a difference
  • Give generously of their time to others
  • Live the Gospel message
  • Affirm the dignity and celebrate the uniqueness of others
  • Care for creation
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Work together to ensure equity for all
  • Create an inclusive environment
  • Respond in a practical way to those in need
  • Consider others in all that they do
  • Act with empathy
  • Make themselves available to help others.


Spirit of Mercy awards are announced and presented at the final Whole School Assembly of the Term.  The Term 2 recipients for this award are:


House Junior Senior
Alex House Lenka Pollock Olivia Kusuma
Justine House Lola Ferens Yardley Barker
McAuley House Amber Lee Isla Gillies
Cecilia Maher House Ece Dalgic Amelia Smith
Pompallier House Keenai Sula Grace Chapman
Kelly House Ruby Tait Ava Croker