Sports Fundraising

With Aims and Winter tournament approaching please familiarise yourself with Fundraising measures in place.  All Fundraising must be applied for through the Carmel website

Fundraising Priorities: 

  1. To support Carmel College travelling teams e.g. tournament weeks, AIMS, international team trips when representing the school.
  2. To ensure that opportunities are shared out between sports codes.
  3. To ensure that money is handled in a transparent and efficient way in line with Carmel College financial procedures.
  4. To ensure that the school approves and is aware of all fundraising opportunities that are being undertaken in the name of Carmel College.

Fundraising Regulations:

  • Parents will take the initiative with planning and organising events.
  • Fundraising/selling of tickets, chocolates etc. cannot be done in school time.
  • Raffles will generally not be approved due to the legal requirements.
  • There is a teacher assigned to all fundraising – the assigned teacher must be on site for the whole time if the activity is taking place at Carmel.
  • Fundraising activities that take students away from scheduled classes will not be approved.
  • Self-interest fundraising will not be approved.
  • Safety for those involved in the fundraising activity is a primary concern.  Staff members involved must have completed HSE connect.
  • Any fundraising activity that involves food must be consistent with health and hygiene standards.
  • All fundraising must meet school health and safety guidelines.

For all non-sporting groups wishing to fundraise please email Rosanna Fouhy ( for process guidelines and how to apply for approval.