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AIMS GAMES Individual Competitor

Please complete the following form if your daughter is interested in being considered for the opportunity to attend the NZ AIMS Games 2023 at Mount Maunganui.

Event date: Sunday 2 September to Friday 8 September 2023

Entry date closes: 28th May 2023

Individual Sport Entry Criteria: for the individual sports there is eligibility criteria that is set by the NZ AIMS Games organisers.  Students are required to meet this criteria and entry to the tournament is not guaranteed.  Please ensure you read the appropriate information for your sport so you are aware of the eligibility criteria,  this is not a “have a go” event and students must be experienced in the sport they are registering to attend.

Your daughter can only attend this event if she has an adult with her for the duration of the competition.  Carmel College does not book accommodation or make any arrangements for individuals except for entry into the tournament.

See the website for entry criteria –

Upcoming Events 

Friday 31 March – Year 7/8 Triathlon NH Zone Day; Year 7/8 Hockey Trial
Monday 3 April – Final Year 9-13 Football Trial; Senior Basketball Promotion/Relegation Game
Tuesday 4 April – Final Year 9-13 Hockey Trial
Wednesday 5 April – Year 9-13 Auckland Athletics Championships