Sports News


Congratulations to the following girls who competed in the recent North Harbour Schools Trampolining Competition.

Gold medal: Lili-May Chamel (Year 7) Level 5 (pictured above)

Silver medal: Grace Smith (Year 12) Level 6
Bronze medal: Aaliyah Teahan (Year 9) Level 5

Congratulations to Amy Psaila, Year 11, who has been awarded with North Harbour Hockey Most Improved Young Female Umpire of the Year!
Sports Uniform

2020 in Carmel sport brings a full uniform change to all sports teams, all teams will now be in the new colours.
Athletics-Blue singlet
Basketball Blue numbered singlet and blue PE Shorts
Badminton-Blue numbered singlet and blue PE Shorts
Cheerleading-Blue numbered singlet and blue PE Shorts
Hockey-Blue numbered singlet and blue skort
Netball-Blue netball singlet and blue skort
Football-PE Shorts and Top (Provided)
Tennis-Blue PE Top and blue skort
Touch-Blue numbered singlet and blue PE Shorts
Volleyball-Blue numbered singlet and blue PE Shorts/spanx
Waterpolo-Blue swimsuits

Carmel PE Top as warm up T shirt either long sleeve or short sleeve.
Carmel Track pants or Plain black unbranded track pants

Carmel Hoodie

Hoodie can only be ordered through school.

Order hoodie here:

Premier teams will be provided with their playing strip but will need to purchase outerwear, LS Pale blue warm up T shirt /Hoodie