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Year 9 -13

The season runs Term 2 for Seniors and Term 3 for Juniors. This is a social sport and girls are required to create their own teams of 6-8 players.

Training: There are three pre-season clinics for all players before the season training is Tuesday lunchtime in the Carmel Gym. Training starts late Term 1 for Seniors and late Term 2 for Juniors.


Senior - Term 2 Tuesdays 4pm onwards for beginners. Wednesdays 4pm onwards for those that have previously played at Badminton North Harbour Centre.

Junior - Term 3 Tuesdays 4pm onwards at Badminton North Harbour Centre.

Uniform: Seniors will get a Carmel badminton top on loan for the season and black shorts. Juniors are required to wear their Carmel P.E. uniform.

Cost: $35 for Seniors and Juniors.