Student Wellbeing

The Youth 2019 national survey, provides information on the Health and Wellbeing of young people in New Zealand and gives an insight into how well they are doing. In 2019, Carmel College was a participating school in this survey.

Key findings from the national data are:

  • 3% of female students reported difficulty in getting help when feeling bad or having a hard time.
  • 4% of female students reported good emotional health.
  • 5% of female students reported they were very happy or satisfied with life.

The data from Carmel students correlated with the national statistics above. In addition, our school data reported:

  • 50% of students reported symptoms of worry, stress or anxiety.
  • 90% of students feel safe at school all or most of the time.
  • 75% of students reported they could talk with someone in their family/whanau about things that are worrying them.

As a school, we are committed to supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of students and finding different avenues for students to reflect on their wellbeing and ask for support if needed.

From Term 2, 2021 we will be using Pulse, a real-time weekly check-in for students. Each week, they are asked, “How are you feeling?”  At this point if they indicate they need some help, they will have the option to contact key pastoral staff members within the school or they can choose to access an online support agency. If the student selects a member of the Pastoral team, they will make contact and check-in with the student. As part of the process students also have the opportunity to thank a fellow student or staff member who has shown them an act of kindness that week. This allows students to reflect on and develop gratitude.

At the check-in students are asked a further 5 questions within six areas of wellbeing: Valued & Safe, Healthy, Material Basics, Learning, Participating, and Positive Sense of Identity and Culture. This information is anonymous and allows us as a school to see emerging trends and make systematic changes if needed.

Below are some links for further information:

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FAQ’s for parents.

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