Students Attend Science and Technology Forum

From the 11 to the 25 January, I was lucky enough to attend the Rotary Science and Technology Forum along with Danielle Meek. This was a fantastic opportunity and we are both so grateful to have been able to take part. This was an intense programme where we were fully immersed in university life and exposed to science at a tertiary level. We stayed at O’Rourke Hall at the University of Auckland and attended a wide range of scientific modules, visited companies, attended lectures and were able to meet leading scientists and researchers from universities around Auckland. Along with all the science, we also took part in volleyball competitions, talent shows, went to the movies and had lots of fun with the other 166 Year 12 students, from across the country. This was a phenomenal experience and one that we will both remember for the rest of our lives.
Caitlin Blewden