Students Onstage Success With would like to congratulate our Carmel College students who took to the Bruce Mason Theatre stage to perform various pieces in the Time Travel Show. We had Time Travellers and Historians taking over the stage. These students have been working so hard to create magic on stage and they certainly achieved that this weekend! They were phenomenal.

It takes a lot of bravery, confidence and courage from your child to stand up on that stage, under all those lights and sing their hearts out!

We are so proud of each and every single one of our performers who were involved in our 2020 shows. Our family have battled against the odds to make these performances happen and now we all know the true meaning of ‘the show must go on’.

Thank you performers, for your talent, bravery and willingness to give everything your best shot.

Thank you parents and caregivers, for giving your children this invaluable experience and for your consistent support throughout the show process.

We cannot wait to see what the 2021 show season has in store for us!

We would like to invite all Carmel College students to come along and trial our after school Musical Theatre Classes on Friday Afternoon.

3:30pm till 4:30pm in the dance studio.

Contact or visit for more information.

This is a Dance, Sing, Act class where we focus on fun activities that will build your child’s confidence.