Subject and Skills Workshop

Each week on Thursday from 3.30-4.30pm in the library, we will be focusing on different subjects, with specialised student tutors assisting students with either their current in-class work, or providing extension activities.  Tutors are available to help with homework, and will also have prepared resources if students have nothing that they need to finish.  There will also be a supervising teacher present.  Several times each term, we will hold skills workshops for students to attend, upstairs in the library, while other students are working downstairs.  These will be on broader skills that all of our Carmel students should be working on.  In Term 2 we will hold workshops on referencing, study skills and essay writing. 

On Thursday 2 May the subject we will be focusing on will be Maths.  In the second week (9 May) we will be focusing on Sciences.  Mrs Mackisack will also be leading a workshop on Study Skills upstairs in the library.  In week 3 we will be focusing on English.

Melinda Chen & Maia O’Callaghan, Heads of Academic