Success at the Pat Hanly Art Competition

Year 12 Painting students, Zoe Kohlberger and Jillian Aquino, each submitted a painting for the Pat Hanly awards during August.  They were excited to receive an invitation to go to the Pat Hanly Gala Evening which was held in the Auckland Art Gallery on 8 September.

When they arrived they participated in a creative workshop along with the other painting students where they were asked to create a sculpture on the theme of ‘passion’ while working in groups of four, using materials provided by the gallery.  This was really fun and a great opportunity to get to know people from other schools who shared similar interests.  Students were asked up to a stage where they were awarded a certificate, gift card for materials from Gordon Harris and a materials pack.  The winning students’ work was displayed on a large screen in front of the invited audience.  It was an amazing night where they met new people and saw some spectacular pieces of work from other schools.