Sustainability Market

One of the SAVE group’s initiatives this year has been to introduce recycling bins at school to help better manage Carmel College’s waste. In order to achieve this, we collaborated with Materials Technology students Olivia Dewse and Sumesha Fernando to hold a lunchtime market to fundraise for purchasing recycling bins. This market involved selling beeswax wraps made by the Year 7 students (see photo above), selling reusable bags, fun recycling games, a bake sale and an ‘I Pledge’ photo booth stall for students to make a pledge on how they will care for the environment. Students also had the option of bringing in old t-shirts to be custom made into reusable bags; this opportunity will run until the end of this term so if you would like a unique reusable bag please bring in an old t-shirt along with $4.00 with your name and Atawhai to the front office.

The proceeds from the market will help to introduce recycling bins at Carmel College so we can show mercy to the environment by recycling and being more sustainable through the use of products such as the reusable bags and beeswax wraps sold.

Mia Boothroyd and Janine Ramos, SAVE Leaders