Technology Snapshot – Year 13 Materials Technology

Thank you to those of you who filled out surveys earlier this year to help some of our Year 13 Material Technology students. They had lots of feedback and are currently coming up with some great concepts which they are nearly ready to take to the next stage and bring their vision to reality. Please see attached a small snippet of their inspiration and concepts.

Ella Cook

“This year in materials I have the opportunity to work with and design for a NZ womenswear fashion label, LEO+BE. I am aiming to also incorporate sustainable design innovation in some way and have spent this year undertaking extensive research to explore a range of ideas prior to deciding on a final concept for development. I am fortunate to have found a wonderful mentor, Jenny Drury the creative director at LEO+BE, during this unprecedented period of time of COVID-19 where many companies are unable to take on extra work. I am designing for their Winter 2021 Collection and have been given carte blanche to choose the inspiration/theme for the full collection. This collection will be in stores April next year.”

Ella’s work is pictured above

Danyela Maitland

“For my level 3 Materials project this year, I am working with a client to design and create a textile based outcome that also addresses sustainable aspects of the fashion industry. I am working in collaboration with Wynn Hamlyn to create a collection of garments for his high end New Zealand womenswear brand. The COVID-19 pandemic means most of us won’t be enjoying an overseas holiday, for some time so I have drawn inspiration from a previous family vacation to incorporate into my collection.”

Charli Nichols

“Throughout materials this year, I am working with my client Deanna from RUBY to produce an outfit suitable for their target market while also including aspects of sustainability and originality. Experiencing a global pandemic and reflecting on historical catastrophes, it is clear that a new inspiring dawn of fashion is awaiting us! I am loving every part of Materials Technology this year and am excited to see where my final ideas end up.”