Traffic on Shakespeare Road

With the Watercare wastewater upgrade progressing along Shakespeare Road, we expect that in the next few weeks that the site will progress from its current location to right outside Carmel College.

This is likely to make the following changes to the traffic flows:

  1. All gates exiting Carmel College are likely to have to turn left only.
  2. The ability to turn around and change your direction on Shakespeare Road will be limited to outside the road works areas.
  3. Some of the parking further along Shakespeare Road by the hospital will need to become a temporary bus stop.
  4. We expect that the works in the centre of the road will restrict the traffic to one lane in each direction while the works are being done.

We are unsure as yet how these changes will affect Waterloo Road but are expecting it possibly to become a one-way street while the works are done (operating similar to how Alma Road has since February).

Stopping directly outside the school to pick up students is not likely to be possible at this time. Please arrange to meet on one of the side streets as this is the safest place to do a pick up.

We are likely to have very little warning when the changes are to be made so we are notifying the community now.

For more details please use this link to go to the Watercare website