Travelling Pots by Young Vinnies

On 5 June, members of the Carmel Young Vinnies and the Rosmini Young Vinnies came together at Carmel to participate in Travelling Pots.  This is an evening in which we prepare, cook and package meals to be distributed to individuals and families who seek food assistance from Vinnie’s food bank.  These individuals or families do not necessarily have the resources to create balanced meals, so this event truly makes a difference to people.  With the help of our youth coordinator, Savi, we cooked and packaged 81 mince and pasta meals.

Thank you to the Vinnies Auckland group for facilitating, our Young Vinnies teachers who supported us and helped make the event possible, and our student leaders – for giving up their time to make a difference in our society.  We look forward to doing this again in the future and to continue putting our Mercy values into practice.