UN Youth and Auckland Transport Collaborate on Speed Limit Changes

As UN Youth Ambassadors, we’ve collaborated with Auckland Transport to help promote their ‘Have your say’ surveys, specifically regarding the proposed speed limit changes of our Auckland roads. They cover hundreds of our local roads that we and our families drive on, on a daily basis, so it is really important to get involved in this opportunity and voice your opinion on their project. Your personal opinions and concerns would be incredibly beneficial and appreciated by Auckland Transport because these proposed speed limit changes directly impact our communities. The changes can’t be enforced unless we have your say and they would reflect your concerns, particularly for the proposed reduced speed limits surrounding schools and high-risk areas; it would enhance the safety of our communities.  

There are two different surveys that you can choose from – one with a written layout and the other being an interactive map. In both of them, there are multiple choice answers to click from and you don’t have to write any more than ‘yes / no’ or ‘I agree / don’t agree with the proposed speed limit’ in the feedback sections, so it will only take a few minutes of your time!

Written-layout survey: When it comes to the question ‘How did you hear about our project?’, please write ‘UN Youth – Carmel College’.


Interactive map survey for those wanting to see and give feedback on the proposed changes to specific roads:


On behalf of UN Youth and Auckland Transport, we’d really appreciate it if you could please fill in their surveys! Surveys close on 17 November.

Annise Boothroyd & Genevieve Lai, Year 12