Vinnies Commissioning Mass

On Saturday, 20 April Tanna Van Rensburg, Kaylyn D’Costa, Georgia Thorpe, and Lily Dwyer were privileged to participate in the annual Young Vinnies commissioning mass celebrated by Monsignor Bernard Kiely at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

During the mass, we were commissioned into our roles as Young Vinnies club leaders for 2024.  Alongside us, 80 other students from Catholic Schools in Tamaki Makaurau were also commissioned into their role as leaders.  Family members, teachers, and principals filled the cathedral pews, showing overwhelming support for us and the other students present.

It was incredibly touching when we were able to sing Ifo Maia Lou Ao, a thanksgiving song to the congregation once receiving our badges.  These badges represented our Vincentian leadership within our school communities.  To date we have had two club meetings educating our members on food insecurity, provided 94 hours of service to the Takapuna Vinnies op shop, and are working with De Paul House to create Canvas for some of their rooms.  We are hoping to start providing volunteers for the Glenfield Vinnies op shop, work with our brother school, Rosmini, for a food drive, and bring our Vinnies Youth Coordinator, Savi, in for an upcoming club meeting.

Lily Dwyer, Year 12