Waterwise is a fun and memory making experience of water safety and of learning acts about our lakes. It is a course for Year 7s and 8s who visit Waterwise on the shores of Lake Pupuke throughout the year .

During Waterwise we are taught how to capsize boats and get them back up again which is a lot of fun.  We also go through safety on the water and in the water. The instructors teach us the fundamental basics of sailing and how to use the  boat’s  controls and how to understand what the controls are called. They also make sure that everything is safe and secure for us and they will also help us if ever we are unsure about anything. The instructors and parents working down at Waterwise are very kind and helpful to us and we are very grateful for them allowing us to do Waterwise and instructing us and sharing their knowledge about sailing and safety tips. 

Andrea Gestopa, 7SA