World Religions Day

On the 25th of May, the Year 12 cohort visited different places of worship around Auckland as part of our current World Religions topic in RE which leads up to our next assessment. We started the day off with the Hindu Mandir in Avondale, followed by the Ponsonby Mosque, the Synagogue on Grey Ave and lastly St Patrick’s Cathedral in the city.

Through this experience, we were able to gain insight into different religions and learn more about their views and perspectives on life after death. We were also able to discover how religion impacts not only people’s beliefs and values but also their lifestyles and who they are; this emphasised the similarities and differences between Catholicism and the other religions. It was a very insightful and interesting day as we had the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom while admiring the amazing architecture at the places of worship. We are very grateful for the teachers at Carmel who made this trip possible as well as the volunteers at the places of worship who took their time sharing knowledge about their religion with us.

Swetlana Khoo, Year 12