World Religions Trip

On 11 June, our Year 12 cohort had the opportunity to visit four different places of worship as part of our current World Religions topic in RE. We started our trip with the Hindu Mandir in Avondale, then went on to the Ponsonby Mosque, Greys Ave Synagogue and St Patrick’s Cathedral in the city. Through this experience we gained valuable insight into the similarities and differences between each religion and their perspective on life after death. Father Marchellino, our school Chaplain, as well as Michael Pervan, the Director of the Studio John the Baptist in Takapuna joined us for the day, both sharing with us incredible information about St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was an incredibly interesting day and we are very lucky to have this opportunity to engage with our learning outside of the classroom. We are very thankful for all the teachers at Carmel, the volunteers at the different places of worship and for the school which made this day possible for us to enjoy.

Juliet Spence, Lauren Collett and Charlotte Carlton.