Year 8 Camp

Last week the Year 8’s were lucky enough to go to Finlay Park Adventure Camp where they experienced a fun filled week of exciting activities and learning. From go-karting to paintball, every activity was a blast. Despite the cold weather, paddle boarding was easy to enjoy, doing yoga poses on the board was challenging but very amusing! We think everyone can concur that the meals at camp were beyond delectable.

Not only was camp fun but we all personally learnt a lot; from how to take care of ourselves and others when out in the bush, to developing new friendships and learning new skills such as how to use body strength for rock climbing. At first the thought of having no phones seemed impossible, but throughout camp we all realised how much fun it was away from them. Overall camp was a great experience away from technology, to spend time with new friends, to learn and overcome challenges.

Lily Hall & Eliza Parkinson, Year 8