Year 10 Digital Technologies Focus on Cyber Safety

In Year 10 Digital Technologies we are learning about Cyber Safety.  We learned there are 4 key steps to remember with Cyber Bullying:
1. Privacy is prevention – check your privacy settings on all online apps and make sure only friends can look you up or see your stuff. Google your name (you may be surprised) to make sure your online presence is as private as possible.
2. If bullied – don’t respond, don’t retaliate – this may be hard to follow, but it is important not to engage with the bully.
3. Block the bully – and screen all incoming calls and texts. Even suspend social media for a while if necessary.
4. Save the information from the bully – then report it to the service provider. Save and show any threatening emails, texts, msg to someone you trust (a teacher, a parent or a friend).

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