Year 11 Physical Education

This Term, the Year 11 Physical Education classes have followed the rubric of “There’s no ‘I’ in team”.  This includes the class being split into teams with each team having the opportunity to run a sport.  The sport options were Ultimate Frisbee, Sofcrosse and Fast5 Netball.  As well as running the sports, all teams needed to think of their team name and costume to wear to each lesson – which wasn’t what would normally come to mind with PE gear! 

The rubric also includes the learning and use of Interpersonal Skills.  The skills range from supporting and encouraging others to resolving conflict.  Each student chose three skills to focus on while playing the sports and then wrote about them and created a video diary.  Throughout this assessment, we have all learnt valuable lessons and skills we can take into a range of situations outside of the PE class.