Year 11 Trip to Christian Churches

Over the course of Term 1, the Year 11 RE classes have been studying the Council of Trent.  On Thursday, 31 March all of Year 11 took a trip to visit different Christian churches around the city.  We began our trip by visiting Holy Trinity, an Anglican Cathedral in Parnell.  Here we were guided by Fr. Ivika, who guided us and taught us about the history of the Church and the differences in comparison to the Catholic Church.

Our second location was St Andrews on Symonds Street; this was a Presbyterian church where Pastor David answered questions the girls were curious about.  Our last location was St Patrick’s Cathedral on Wyndham Street, where the Dean of the Cathedral, Fr. Chris, gave an insightful explanation about Transubstantiation and Tradition and the significance behind the stained glass windows.

We were very grateful to be given the opportunity to visit all these sites and learn more about the diversity of Christian churches.

Kriya D’Sa, Year 11