Year 12 Camp

At the beginning of the year camp felt like a lifetime away, however as departure day drew close the days started flying by. The lead-up to camp was filled with excitement, slight nerves and for those who did the dreaded beep test, some pain. However when we arrived at school, lugging our over-packed luggage and snacks with us, there were smiles all around as we hopped on the 5-hour bus ride for our adventure.

Caving was an exhilarating start to camp for those of us who took part in it, as we got to squeeze through passages and wade through rivers 200m under the ground. The rest of our week was filled with various activities, many related to our current learning in class. For Biology, we journeyed up Mt Ruapehu where we had a look at the different vegetation that could be found up the mountain. Geography involved interviewing some local organisations as well as evaluating the impact of tourism on the local environment. The History students visited the Tangiwai Memorial and the Waiouru Army Museum where we had the privilege of watching army initiates take their pledge of allegiance. Other activities included the amazing race and the magic school bus. We all got to take part in the Year 12 Retreat where we spent a relaxing day reflecting on our personal and spiritual journeys.

Although the weather was not on our side for the crossing we ended up walking as an entire year group and travelled the Old Coach Road together, getting to experience breath-taking views and learn new history. The Camp Concert was another highlight, with different members of our year showcasing their incredible talent and hard work. With evenings full of hot drinks, table tennis and lounging around the lodges, camp was the perfect time to get to know both our friends and new people better. When it was finally time to return home, we all left with new friends, memories and experiences that will be treasured for years to come. On behalf of Year 12, I would like to thank all the teachers, parents and many others who took time out of their lives to ensure we had the best camp possible. I would especially like to thank Mrs Singleton for all the time and effort she put into organising camp; it has not gone unnoticed by a single person in our year.

Annabel Rhodes

Photos courtesy of Lanna Lagasca and Pevon Palmiano