Year 12 Camp

The much anticipated and beloved Carmel tradition of Year 12 Camp took place this past week in Tongariro National Park. Luckily this trip could go ahead due the move to alert level 2 and lots of hard work on behalf of the teachers.

The camp was a great opportunity for all the girls in the Year 12 cohort to reconnect, grow closer and enjoy the friendships we have made in our 5 years at Carmel College. At camp we were lucky enough to continue our studies in a new environment and learn about the National Park area. The Biology students collected data on Mt Ruapehu and learnt about the local flora. The History students enjoyed a trip to the Waiouru National Army Museum to access the archives and research for their upcoming internal assessment. Geography students had the chance to learn about a large natural environment, looking at the nearby ski fields and the projects that DOC is currently undertaking in the area. In English students did some reflective writing in  a different environment.  The careers session interested all of the girls and got them thinking about their futures. During our time away, we were also treated to a liturgy on Tuesday night and a full day of Retreat where we reflected on the idea of journeying through our lives and living out our Mercy values.  We had time to come together, reflect, give thanks and pray for ourselves, family and friends.

Camp allowed us girls to realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place like New Zealand. Everyday the girl’s got to enjoy the great outdoors by going on daily walks and adventures. Some honorable mentions were the Ohinetonga track at Owhango, the Silica Rapids walk and of course the beautiful Tawhai Falls. The views were amazing and Tongariro National Park was truly the perfect backdrop for a school camp. Unfortunately the weather conditions did not allow us to do the Tongariro Crossing, but we had just as much fun walking the Old Coach Road trail ending up in Ohakune.

Overall Year 12 Camp was a great experience for all the girls and definitely a highlight of my Carmel schooling so far. Everyone made so many memories together that I believe will be carried with them throughout their lives. A big thank you goes out to the Year 12 cohort for organising the camp concert, working together so well and of course embracing the experience. Another thank you to the wonderful staff, teachers, parents and guides for coming on the trip with us and making sure everybody had the best time. One last big thank you to Mrs Singleton who organised the camp and made this experience possible.

Analise Collis