Year 12&13 Drama Production – Buy Tickets Now

The Year 12&13 Drama Production of And Then There Were None starts this weekend in the theatre!

“And Then There Were None” is an Agatha Christie gripping murder mystery that takes the audience on a thrilling journey filled with suspense and unexpected twists.  The story revolves around 10 strangers who are invited to an isolated island off the coast of Devon, England.

As they settle in, they soon realise that they have been summoned there by an unknown host who accuses each of them of committing a crime in their past.  With no means of escape, the guests begin to die one by one in a series of inexplicable murders.  This leaves the audience, and remaining guests, to question who among them is the killer.

Tickets are available through the Carmel shop HERE

The Faith Cafe will be open pre-show for drinks and snacks.

Tickets will also be available at the theatre door for $5.  If we need to alter show dates due to unforeseen circumstances, ticket holders that have purchased through the shop will receive an email.  The Shows are:

Saturday 20 May – 5pm

Sunday 21 May – 5pm

Tuesday 23 May – 7pm

Wednesday 24 May – 7pm

Friday 26 May – 7pm