Year 7 Surfing and Beach Education Programme

It was a beautiful Wednesday and Thursday morning, and the waves at Orewa beach were waiting for the excited Year 7 classes.

From beach activities to swimming in salty sea water, the experience was filled with fun and laughter.  Layers of sunscreen protected us from the sun that shone brilliantly in the cloudless sky.

Instructors gently pushed us out of our comfort zone for the better, encouraging us to go beyond our surfing ‘limits’.  Even with the many nosedives and many failed attempts, we still came up smiling.  Even hovering bees couldn’t distract us from the joy that we felt at Orewa beach.

Water fights erupted from playful groups of Year 7’s, everyone enjoying spending time with their friends, in and out of the water.

Overall, our day was spent on a paradise-like beach as we enjoyed the little time we have left in Year 7.  We’re extremely grateful for the instructors, parent helpers, and teachers that came along and helped out to make our day even better.

Natalia Gonzales & Holly Rakena, Year 7