Year 7&8 Mathex Competition

Sometimes, there can be so much more to maths than just solving complicated equations in your head, especially if you were at Mathex.

Mathex took place in the Northcross Intermediate School gym. It was a marvellous, fast-paced math competition where teams of Year 7 and Year 8 students from many North Shore schools competed to finish 20 questions in 30 minutes. Carmel had eight teams competing, 32 girls altogether.

The competition was hard, and we all tried our best as we put our brains together to solve the arduous questions, sending our runner off at sonic speed to reach the markers, waiting in anticipation to see if we were right. Winning the main competition wasn’t the only goal, as there was a chance for your team’s runner to win a small prize for not running the fastest, but treating everyone with respect.

Congratulations, Zara Querido of Year 7 team 1 for winning this prize.

Mathex may have been tough and tiring, but that took none of the fun away. We all had a great time competing against different schools, as it was a fun experience – and new, for some. We all had an amazing time at Mathex!

Trisha Agustin, Year 8