Year 8 Camp

Year 8 camp passed in a whirlwind of fun activities, from paddle boarding to archery, there were lots of things to do.  Although there were some challenges, like squelching around in knee-deep mud, or making dresses out of just newspaper and string, camp was so exciting and I thought it was such a great opportunity to have.

On the first day at camp, we could tell from the very start that this was going to be a really special place.  We got to be in a bunk room with all our friends!  Every activity was our favourite, especially the magic carpet and animal survival.  After activities it was mealtimes.  There were a lot of helpful staff serving food and one of our favourite meals was the Nachos!

The staff at Finlay Park made our camp experience amazing and engaging.  We will never forget the memories we shared with friends and all the people that helped.  Thank you so much for creating these memories for us.

Annabel Ko & Bonnie Davey, Year 8