Year 8 Camp

At first, we all thought it would never happen but after being rescheduled multiple times, we finally got to camp which is a farm that is owned by Mike and Ellen.  As we arrived at camp we couldn’t help but be amazed at the unbelievable views.  The first thing we did was set up our tents.  As many of us didn’t get the chance to practice putting up the tents, due to weather problems, it was quite a struggle.  But with the help of the wonderful parents and after multiple attempts, we did it!  That was only the start of an incredible adventure ahead.

Our activities ranged from crafts with the amazing teachers to motorbiking with Mike, with some archery, horse-riding and waterslides as well.  These wonderful opportunities couldn’t have happened without the help of the incredible parents and teachers who came with us, so another thank you to them.  We made new friends, learned something new and had a great time.  Camp will be a memory that we will never forget.

Makayli Ye and Eliza Arsena