Year 8 Dance Class

Recently, Year 8 students were lucky enough to have a talented dancer, Omar from Dance Curriculum, come to visit and teach us all carefully choreographed dances.  The six Year 8 classes were paired up to each learn different styles of dance like hip hop and jazz.  He taught us skills like rhythm, counts and musicality as well as how to take risks and jump out of your comfort zone.  We all enjoyed having him here and each lesson was full of fun, enthusiasm and dancing!  He patiently went over the dances until we were ready to present.

After two weeks of hard work and practice, we all came together to show our dances to parents, students and teachers.  The turnout was huge, the bleachers full of people cheering us on.  In all, three class dances were presented, and a fun partner dance was performed all together.  Omar surprised us all with an incredible solo performance full of tricks and skills. 

It was an awesome opportunity for everyone to get excited about dancing and most of all have fun! 

Piper Harrison & Vivian Xu, Year 8