Year 8 Eco-Fashion Show

The Year 8 students were tasked with designing and creating stunning garments for our Eco-Fashion Show.  Since fast fashion contributes a large amount of wastage, pollution and greenhouse gases, we wanted to make show-stopping pieces of clothing that were stylish and eco-friendly.

After weeks of work and preparation, the whole year produced a colourful fashion show that presented our outfits to many parents, and most importantly, the judges.

There were four themes – Book, Evening wear, Sci-fi and Art.  We developed blogs to log our journey and the quality of them contributed to our overall marks.  We all learnt valuable lessons from this project such as time management, teamwork and how to improvise when things went wrong.  It was such a good experience for us all and we hoped everyone enjoyed the show.

Isabella Foster & Sophia Railton, Year 8