Year 8 Religious Studies Create Care Cloak

Mrs Walker’s and Miss Banfield’s Year 8 classes joined together recently to do Religious Studies sessions. In these sessions we created a korowai (cloak) as a representation of Carmel College’s focus for the year, Manaakitanga (Care). The  korowai shows that God is sheltering us under his cloak in the way he protects us.  We cut out eight feathers that we had drawn and then wrote on one words that related to Care, on another we wrote a prayer about Mercy, then on three we used dye and crayon to colour the feathers and finally drew a mercy cross on two of the feathers. After all of the feathers were completed, we used them to make a korowai that hangs on each of our classes walls. Whenever we see these korowais it will remind us that we should show Manaakitanga (Care) and that God is always protecting us.

Chelsea Brown and Paige Waddingham