Zonta Market Stall

Recently Carmel College’s Zonta Club held a stall at the weekly Sunday Takapuna Markets, to raise money for Bellyful, a wonderful local charity that provides free meals to struggling new families.

We sold all sorts of homemade baked goods such as cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more.  It was awesome to see so many girls put their hands up in participation, and the enthusiasm was inspiring.  We had a group of students baking all the products on the previous Friday night at school. They were able to bake over 60 vanilla cupcakes, brownies and vanilla cookies in preparation for Sunday.  A group of six started the exciting day with the setup of the stall and all the products we would be selling. With a bit of decoration and colourful iced cupcakes, the stall was looking fabulous!

We were lucky enough to get a visit from Fiona Wilson, the North Shore Bellyful branch coordinator.  She gave us a set of excellent advertising pieces, flags, pamphlets and an eye-catching stand poster.  When the afternoon shift of four began, the sales really picked up.  Families and individuals were all happy to support the club and our cause.

Once the day was done, we counted our cash total, and were ecstatic to see we’d raised $336.50.  With the leftover baking, we delivered them to our school’s staffroom to give our teachers a sweet treat and to raise that extra bit of money for Bellyful.  In total the Zonta Club raised a total of $413.00.

We are very happy with our efforts and hope that the money will help the incredible Bellyful charity provide lovely home cooked meals to all the Kiwi families that need them.

Hope Dutton, Year 12