Maori, Pasifika and International Students’ Shared Lunch

Our role as representatives is to empower girls to embrace their culture, and to create an environment where this is encouraged.  Last week, we held shared lunches for our girls.  While we each wanted something different to come out of these lunches, our intentions were built upon the same foundations of compassion and cultural appreciation.  Below is a short introduction and our ideas about the lunches.

(from left: Sophie Farrell, Tu Wahine & Emalie Vea, Pasifika Representative)

Kia Ora, ko Sophie ahau.  This year I am Tū Wahine, Māori representative for Carmel College.  With huge help from Matua Maurice, the senior Te Reo class and the Pasifika representative, Emalie Vea, we were able to hold a Māori lunch.  The idea behind this lunch was to bring Māori and non-Māori people together, so that the culture could be appreciated by all who were interested.  Around 40 girls came over to the whanau room for the shared kai.  There were fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and pizza.  While we didn’t have time to play games, it was lovely to see so many girls from different year groups coming together and enjoying the kai.  I am looking forward to more opportunities throughout the year to see new relationships form, and for our group of Mana tangata to grow.

(from left: Anna Cho & Emily Li, International Representatives)

As the International Student representatives this year, Anna and I held a pizza lunch last Thursday for the International students and their buddies.  This pizza lunch aimed to welcome the new International students and for them to meet their buddies who will help them to blend in with the Carmel community.  During the pizza lunch, the new International students and their buddies had great conversations and got to know each other.