Our 2022 Top Scholars Assembly

We held our Scholars Assembly on Wednesday, 1 March to acknowledge and celebrate students’ 2022 NCEA academic successes in NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3, and NZQA scholarship examination results.

Top Scholars NCEA Level 3

Annise Boothroyd

Grace Chapman

Ava Croker

Emma de Fleuriot

Lucy Feng

Jennifer Hidayat

Lina Jang

Swetlana Khoo

Genevieve Lai

Elise McGregor

Catherine Sole

Briana Wells

Amanda Yap

Ashley Yu





Top Scholars NCEA Level 2

 Skyler Anderson

Natasha Brown

Anna Cho

Lia Cho

Olivia Kusuma

Olivia Martin

Reanna Misquitta

Maya Perera

Janelle Pilgrim

Chloe Procter

Francesca Quintos

Shana Singh-Anderson

Alyza So

Jules Torres





Top Scholars NCEA Level 1

Stephanie Adair

Savannah Blewden

Honor Braid

Melinda Chen

Victoria Da Silva

Beatrice Dacayan

Sophie Farrand

Niamh Jones

Mia Jovic

Xin Ang Lau

Alisa Lauro

Hannah Macdonald

Maia O’Callaghan

Salina Xiao






Annise Boothroyd – Biology, Chemistry, English

Sophia Carmo Machado – Classical Studies

Grace Chapman – Geography

Sophie Collett – Geography

Ava Croker – Biology, Geography

Ava Fitzgerald – Technology

Olivia Gardner – Technology

Angelique Indrawidjaja – Technology

Lina Jang – Geography, History

Swetlana Khoo – Biology, Chemistry

Elise McGregor – Classical Studies

Esther Mihaljevich – Classical Studies

Janelle Pilgrim – English

Abbey Smith – Health & Physical Education

Catherine Sole – Classical Studies

Briana Wells – Classical Studies

Imogen Wood – Accounting, Chemistry

Amanda Yap – Technology