8P Wacky Wednesday Online

Since we started online learning at the end of Term 1 it’s been quite a different way of learning and for some of us quite a bit to get our head around. But as a school community we know we can get through this even with the constant distractions around us. Our class quickly got into the daily routine of morning and afternoon video calls and checking things off the learning progress chart as we go through our tasks. Even though distance learning is new to a lot of us, we’ve gotten through it so far and we will continue to do so with the constant support from friends, classmates, teachers and the Senior Leadership team.   

On Wednesday the 22 April our class celebrated Wacky Wednesday where everyone dressed up in the most wacky costumes we could think of or did crazy things with our hair. For me doing things like this really just brings some light and positivity into my day and it was also super fun!

I think doing the Wacky Wednesday was a fun way to learn. It was funny going onto our meeting and seeing everyone in our class dressed up crazy and wacky. At first I thought it would be a bit weird and I was a little scared I would be the only one who remembered it but only a couple of people forgot and they quickly got dressed up and ‘wackyfied’ themselves in  time for our 1:30 call!

Alice Finlayson and Keely Baker, pictured here and above.