Comfortable Cup of Tea Package Project – Carmel College Z Club 

The current events that have taken place in 2020 thus far, have made us question who in our local communities may have been significantly impacted. We realised that many elderly have felt lonely over lockdown. So the Carmel Z club has created ‘Comfortable Cup of Tea’ packages that include some delicious baking, canned soup, crackers, cups, tea/coffee sachets along with cheerful notes. 

We are planning to deliver these to Lady Allum and some of the parishes on the North Shore. Our idea was inspired by  Catherine McAuley and her request for the Mercy sisters in her community to have a ‘comfortable cup of tea’ after she was gone. Extending the hand of hospitality whether in person or, in this case, as a little treat exemplifies Manaakitanga – Care, the core Mercy Value at Carmel for 2020. 

We began this project after the first lockdown had finished and now must wait until Auckland is in safer conditions before we can finish our deliveries.

Carmel Z Club Leaders Charisse Carlos and Dina Aziz