FivePM Rocks Smokefree Rockquest

Last week, our band, FivePM had the incredible opportunity to perform at the Smokefree Rockquest, a large band competition featuring nearly 50 bands from just the North Shore region.  It was an amazing experience that we highly recommend to all bands.  Not only did it provide a fantastic platform for us to grow our relationships and gain publicity, but it was also an incredibly fun event to participate in.

We have been playing together since the beginning of 2023 and our band members include:

  • Deziray Spinka (Carmel College) – Vocals
  • Mia Jovic (Carmel College) – Piano
  • Finn Taylor (Rangitoto College) – Guitar
  • Cole Fraser (Rangitoto College) – Bass
  • Dylan Johnston (Rangitoto College) – Drums

We performed our fourth original song, “Rotten,” which you can listen to through the link below.  Don’t forget to check out our other socials for more of our music and updates.

Thank you for your support,

Deziray Spinka, Year 13