From Level 2&3 Design

This week Level 2 & 3 Design went on a trip to the YOOBEE campus in the city.

The morning was spent learning how to use Illustrator with the help of our group tutor, understanding how to use tools like layers, colour, curvature, selection etc., to create posters of a chosen theme.  After spending lunch doing a photography exercise with past Carmel students’ guidance, we came back to YOOBEE to learn how to use Photoshop, combining these newly learnt skills to finish our posters and combine the two platforms.

From this trip, all students have learned a great deal about the Adobe platforms and how to use them in relation to our upcoming internals.  A big thank you to YOOBEE for making it the amazing day it was, and to ex-Carmel students Isabella, Janine and Mackenzie for taking the time to join us.

Abigail Street, Year 12