From Year 8 Camp



Our recent Carmel College Year 8 Camp was hosted at Finlay Park where all the Year 8’s surely had fun and enjoyed the experience.

Pushing my friends off their paddleboards, making it to the top of the rock climbing wall in under 30 seconds, and our Year 8 Singalong were just a few of the extraordinary and fun memories from camp.  I felt anxious trying out new activities and getting to know other people but in the end I showed our Core Mercy Value – Courage (Maia) in all activities.

Our activities were supported by our parents who gave up their time to come and have fun at camp.  Year 8 Camp had lots of unforgettable memories! – Natalie Widjaja Saputra

Venturing through the murky but beautiful forests in bushwalking. Feeling the rejuvenating chill of the wind rapidly rushing past you in go-carting.  Gazing at the sapphire water casting back your reflection in paddle boarding. These are just a few of the extraordinary moments I experienced at Year 8 Camp.  My favourite moment was rock climbing as I managed to climb all the way to the top!  At camp I felt anxious trying out new activities but everyone encouraged me and after finishing them I felt a sense of triumph.  I showed courage in many activities and learnt how to be independent.   Year 8 Camp was a memorable one. – Aanya Dogra

Driving on tiny two-seater go-karts was tons of fun.  Each pair of partners had a turn to speed down the twisted muddy track, splattering each other with a tsunami of murky dark brown sludge. The scent of damp grass filled the Cambridge air as we patiently waited for our turn.  The exhilaration of the karts drove some of us into the grimy, rubber tyres, losing control and crashing into random obstacles on the path.  A thrilling experience and favourite activity to many. – Isla Ye

Camp was amazing.  The day activities were very varied as they went from paddle boarding to gun shooting and climbing up waterfalls. 

Evening activities were perhaps one of the best aspects of camp.   We spent time surrounded by friends enjoying the time going by while singing along to songs or making bracelets.  We had lots of fun memories to share. – Kiera Longerstaey

From walking dirt-covered trails to night time activities full of fun and excitement, our experience at Finlay Park Adventure Camp was something unforgettable.  Having the opportunity to explore the beauty of Cambridge while having endless amounts of fun, with activities every day there was no sign of boredom.  At first, most people were unsure of specific activities, but we recognised that we all had a bit of maia (courage) inside us and came out of camp with a sense of happiness inside.  We learnt how to be independent and daring and learnt skills that we might not have known before.  G0-karting was something I’ll never forget.  Splashing in puddles of mud, probably giving my passenger a nightmare, but she returned the favour as we sped past puddles, leaving marks of mud all over each other and the go-kart itself.  As well as having fun, we indulged in delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts as well as morning and afternoon teas which was all home baking by the Year 8s! – Nina van Kampen Marsich

I slowly walked on the wet and slippery grass, stepping across the rock.  I shivered while the wind swishes around me, rain dropping all around.  I sit in the drenched go-kart in the passenger seat next to my friend who I hope is a good driver.  She does the go-stop pedal as I shiver, the cold rain dripping down my leg covered in goosebumps then it’s ‘go’ time.  We do a lap going around sharp corners then on the second lap she crashed!  She ran over a cone and we almost flipped; then it was my turn.  I strapped my seatbelt, then I zoomed around and so happy that I did it. – Sophie Dashwood