IMPORTANT: Changes to NCEA just announced

On Wednesday 10 August it was announced that there will be changes to NCEA requirements in recognition of the impact that COVID has had on student and teacher absences.

In summary:

NCEA Qualification change

Learning Recognition Credits (LCRs) are now available, whereby 1 LRC will be awarded for every 5 NCEA credits. It is important to know that these credits are recognised as ‘Achieve’.

NCEA Level Max LCRs Therefore students need at least:
1 10 70 credits to gain NCEA L1, which is to include 10 literacy and 10 numeracy credits
2 8 52 credits
3 8 52 credits


Change to University Entrance (UE) credits in approved subjects

Students need 14 credits in each of 2 UE approved subjects, and 12 credits in a third UE approved subject.

Students must also attain the NCEA Literacy and Numeracy requirements, and gain NCEA Level 3.

Note: If your daughter is intending on enrolling in a University course with specific entrance requirements it is up to her to ensure she meets those. If she needs any support, please encourage her to book an appointment with Mrs Bruce.


To receive a certificate endorsement, students will need 46 credits at Merit or Excellence.