Journeying Through Our History: Year 9 Hikoi

Our Year 9 cohort recently embarked on a captivating school trip that delved into the rich history of the Catholic Church in Auckland.  Our first stop was the Pompallier Centre, a treasure trove of information about Bishop Pompallier, a key figure in bringing Catholicism to New Zealand.  Next, we had the privilege of meeting Sister Mary Neven at the Sisters of Mercy.  Her engaging talk painted a vivid picture of the incredible work these dedicated women have done in education and healthcare throughout New Zealand’s history.  We were particularly inspired by their unwavering commitment to serving the community.  Following Sister Mary Neven’s insightful talk, we gathered at the majestic St Patrick’s Cathedral, a landmark that stood as a testament to the Catholic legacy in Auckland.  Father Chris led a beautiful and meaningful midday Mass, allowing us to connect with the spiritual heart of the Cathedral.  After lunch in Cathedral Square, Father Chris talked with us about the Cathedral’s architecture and the fascinating stories of its stained glass windows.

The trip proved to be a powerful learning experience.  We not only gained historical knowledge but also developed a deeper appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices made by the early Catholics and the Sisters of Mercy.  A huge thank you to Sister Mary Neven, Father Chris, and the staff at the Pompallier Centre for making this day such a success.  It’s a very memorable trip for our Year 9 students.