Middle School Ethics Olympiad

Passionate Enhanced Learning opportunity


Last Friday a group of five Year 9 students (pictured above from left to right: Amber Lee, Angela Braganza, Gabbie Warner, Sophie Barreto and Kirsten Barberini) had the opportunity to participate in the Middle School Ethics Olympiad.  We were given this opportunity through the Passionate Enhanced Learning programme here at Carmel. 

Ethics Olympiads involve school groups from around New Zealand coming together in order to engage with interesting ethical cases. It is not a debate in the sense that teams from different schools can agree. Eth-letes and coaches practice in the lead up to the event, rather like they would in any sporting venture, only in this case they are training their mind to draw conclusions carefully, collaboratively and clearly.

Participating in the Ethics Olympiad required us to work together as a team and argue our viewpoint on a series of questions based on ethical based cases. We had an online training day in August to prepare us for the main event. We listened to many people from different distinguished Universities from all around the world.

After many practice sessions and hours reading into our cases and learning as much about them as possible, it was finally the day. We each took turns talking about what we believed in.  After a whole school day of talking and arguing, we finished the day happy with how we did. The next day we found out that we came second, earned a Silver medal, an honourable mention and a spot in the finals.

We were all so fortunate and thankful to have this opportunity and it was a huge learning experience for all of us. It has broadened our outlook on particular problems and it has taught us many things about debating, arguing and agreeing which will help us later on in life.

The Ethics Olympiad is a fulfilling, challenging and memorable experience for all of us and we cannot wait for the International Australasian Middle School Ethics Olympiad Final in February 2022.