Our 2023 Top Scholars Assembly

We held our Scholars Assembly on Wednesday, 21 February to acknowledge and celebrate students’ 2023 NCEA academic successes in NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3, and NZQA scholarship examination results.

Top Scholars NCEA        Level 3

Zoe Beaver

Anna Cho

Lia Cho

Libby Clinton

Talia Ghazzi

Ruby Kidd

Lucia Kim

Reanna Misquitta

Janelle Pilgrim

Chloe Procter

Francesca Quintos

Sadie Sinclair

Shana Singh-Anderson

Jules Torres

Ginger Vargas

Top Scholars NCEA Level 2

 Stephanie Adair

Adrianna Beck

Savannah Blewden

Honor Braid

Melinda Chen

Victoria Da Silva

Josephine Deady

Sophie Farrand

Niamh Jones

Mia Jovic

Xin Ang Lau

Alisa Lauro

Maia O’Callaghan

Alice Wild

Salina Xiao

Top Scholars NCEA Level 1

Kirsten Barberini

Sophie Barreto

Angela Braganza

Chelsea Brown

Emma Buckingham

Neve Harvey

Yoana Ho

Amber Lee

Helena Lee

Hannah O’Neill

Auriel Straka

Abigail Street

George Thorpe

Kristine Tran

Gabbie Warner

Ava Waterhouse

Madelyn Wood


Jillian Aquino – Painting

Anna Cho – Calculus

Tamsin Dales – Geography

Maia O’Callaghan (Year 12) – English

Janelle Pilgrim – English, Geography and History

Chloe Procter – Classical Studies

Ginger Vargas – History