Service Activities

Hospice BBQ Fundraiser

On the 27 February, Yoana Ho, Monique Hessell , Kristine Tran, Anna Cho and I helped run the Hospice BBQ stall at the Smales Farm outdoor movie. We started the afternoon by getting all the gear set up, prepping food and then we were ready to go.  It was quiet at first but once the movie started we were on a roll.  So many people wanted popcorn half way through the movie.  Luckily we managed to meet their demands on time and give them all the food they needed to continue to enjoy the movie. We all received positive comments from members of the public and enjoyed volunteering our time helping Hospice to fundraise.     

Mackenzie Carkeek, Year 12

Child Cancer Collection

The Child Cancer Foundation provides strength, comfort and support to families, parents and children affected by child cancer.  They help connect them with other people and services, provide beads of courage, wellbeing packs for hospital, and practical items when returning home.

On Saturday the 27th February a group of (15) Carmel students offered their time to support and raise money for the Child Cancer collection.  Students volunteered at Glenfield Mall and Shore City Mall in Takapuna and raised a total of $559. The experience was enjoyable, particularly with the many people who kindly donated. Everyone was kind and interactive and lots of smiles were exchanged. The children also loved the stickers to show that they supported a good cause. It was a wonderful opportunity to partake in especially for such an amazing organisation.     

Angelique Indrawidjaja, Janice Sutjiadi and Sophie Drury, Year 12