Sports News

With all the changes and cancellations in sport occurring due to the Covid restrictions currently in place in Auckland, make sure you stay positive and engaged and take time to check out all the sign ups for summer sports on Google classroom.

  • The sign ups for Junior volleyball (Year 8-10) close next week and Junior tennis and touch will be coming out soon.
  • Keep up to date on our Carmel Sport Facebook page and Carmel Sport Instagram page for motivation and inspiration from our Sports Council girls.

Stay safe and active.

Year 9-13 Sports Achievements 2021

It’s time for all Year 9-13 students to fill out the Sports Achievements form for 2021. Include any events or teams that you would have been a part of even if it was cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19.

To be considered for any sports awards in 2021 you will need to complete this form – Sports Achievement Form
due by Friday 24 September 10.00am

No Form = No Award