Student Leaders Lead The Way In Lockdown

As a Student Leadership team, we have been working together to bring some light and entertainment to the girls as we live through these unexpected and unprecedented times. With all of our different passions and skills, we have been uniting to create a sense of family throughout the whole school even if we can’t physically be together.

Message to the Community

Holly Jones – one of our Heads of Sport – coordinated a video in which we all took part sending a message from our team to the Carmel community. You can view this HERE.


There have been many challenges emerging online and Carmel Sport has got involved in this by starting the #ccpassiton challenge. Girls have been getting involved from their own backyards to pass the ball on, creating a chain link.


Our awesome Librarians have also been posting daily activities on the Carmel Library website which keep us all entertained! You can find the Daily Activities link here or access the document on your house Google classroom. Share any of your creations on Instagram@carmel.library. Check up our Library website for help with getting an eBook.

Google Site

We have a Google Site launching sometime in the next week or so. This will be run by the Student Leadership team and will have fun activities, resources and videos to keep all the girls connected and entertained. It covers all the Student Leadership portfolios and is going to be really cool once we get it running! WATCH THIS SPACE!

There’s lots of fun and joy to be had in these times and our Student Leadership team has lots more come.
Caitlin Blewden and Veronique Simmonds, Head Girls