Students Foster Hope With Their Service Experience

Hannah and Hilary Halpin wanted to contribute in some small way to the work that Foster Hope does in the community. They have done this by raising awareness of Foster Hope at school and by making teddy bears to be given to those in need.

Foster Hope is the brainchild of two Auckland ladies who are both huge supporters of helping others. They came up with an idea to help care givers with practical support, when a child turns up on your doorstep late at night with little more than a rubbish bag of belongings. Kits2kids as it was initially known, was born and backpacks were supplied to care givers in the Auckland area. Foster Hope has grown from its early days in 2010 and now has branches of volunteers throughout New Zealand eager to support their regions care givers. We rely on the incredible support of our community through monetary, physical donations and grants. As a policy we do not apply to Lotto or Pub charities, as we feel this can be the underlying cause in the breakdown of so many families.