Technology Showcase

Year 9 Technology and Year 10 Materials Technology students were busy during lockdown investigating how masks have been used in society over time, the controversy of masks during a pandemic and how to design a repeat pattern that could be printed onto fabric. Since returning to school they have been even busier – printing and making! Here is a small selection of their amazing work.

Year 11 Food Technology students have been discovering traditional and heartwarming skills of home preservation to make the most of seasonal produce. They have created jams, syrups and lemon curd that would not look out of place selling at a Farmers Market.

The Year 12 Food Technology students are working in teams with local NZ companies to develop innovative new food products.

Thank you to those of you who have filled out some of our previous surveys to help them out with their consumer research. We have two more teams who are working with Sensient Technologies who would love your feedback.

Molly, Phoebe and Tayla are developing a range of ‘flavours of the world’ dessert toppings and Grace and Mary are developing an organic energy drink.

Please see the links below to the surveys. Thank you for your help.

 Dessert Topping

Organic Energy Drink (For 16 years and over please).